A Nation Torn

November 12, 2007
By Chris LaBonte, Calumet, MI

On September 11, two thousand and one
A reign of terror from the East had begun
In the morning hours at the start of the day
the plan of attack was well on it's way
"We'll hijack some planes", was the call from the powers
"Take out the Pentagon and then both of the Towers."

Was a beautiful day, the sun at full shine
The first plane had struck at a quarter to nine
No warning no clue to what was in store
When moments later along came one more
The Twin Towers of NY were the target at hand
The biggest, the tallest, the pride of the land
Hit the heart of the city, it will hurt them they thought
But one thing for certain, weak we are not.

We will never forget the events that will follow
for a hole in hearts it left kind of hollow
Between the flames and debris, where the building lay tattered
Unbelievable the masses of lives they had shattered

A nation together, united we stand
Well rebuild the city, take back our land
Show them were better than they can foresee
So proud of our country the home of the free

We'll rise from the rubble, slightly battered with scars
Clutching tight to our flag, the stripes and the stars
In spite of the tragedy, we will prevail
because pulling together, we never will fail
We're holding together our Red, White and Blue
We'll stand by our country SO PROUD and SO TRUE

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