The moon silently rises,

November 12, 2007
By Jennifer Lee, Hahira, GA

The moon silently rises,
Full, bright and beautiful.
Clouds drift in and out.
Shadows hover and creep,
Moving with the wind.
The rocks catch the glow from the moon,
Creating illusions.
Figures dance in the night,
Moving with a steady rhythm.
Click, clack.
Click, clack.
My footsteps echo over the desert.
Dust clouds whirl,
Sending sand flying around me.
Stars, like freckles on a small child,
Scattered throughout the sky.
Click, clack.
Click, clack.
pebbles roll and tumble.
Haystacks yawn and rumble.
The few trees around,
Stretch out and relax,
Their leaves blowing in the cool night air,
Getting ready for the night.
Click, clack.
Click, clack.
Round and round I go.
Pacing in circles,
Stretching out my body.
The moon shines bright.
Bathing me in its wonderful light.
I run,
My claws knicking at the stones beneath my bare feet.
The cliff tumbles dangerously below,
A sharp edge,
Apainful adn mournful death to those who are grasped by its fall.
I sit and raise my head,
My mouth just a thin line,
My song echoing throughout the land as I raise my voice.
Joined by others from far away,
Combined harmony,
Creating a beautiful melody.
As my song ends
I pace back to my bed,
To get ready for another day.

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