November 11, 2007
Riding a Barbie jeep, crushing pine straw and luscious flowers
Sounds of the horn: beep, beep! and little girls singing
Playing with the make-up in the tub, splashing, splashing, splashing
Faces covered except for the ear-to-ear grin
Images of a happy child with a cheesy gap-toothed smile
I am one of a kind

It was my bag of Halloween candies not hers, so why did I have to give it to her?
Clutching to one handle of the bag with a death grip, knuckles white, playing tug-of-war
Sharing everything: Barbie dolls, toys, a room, and even a mother’s attention
Learning the importance of giving but also sharing moments, experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime
Creating closer bonds with others
I am one of a kind

Singing “Just As I am” in church with the sounds of beautiful voices blending together creating perfect harmony and a feeling of love
Sitting around the dinner table, smiles on everyone’s faces, a time for bonding
Laughter ruminating throughout my house; there was love
A family member passing, tears rolling down the cheeks of the melancholy faces
I am one a kind

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