Feel the pulse of your heart

November 11, 2007
Feel the pulse of your heart
Feel the surge of blood through you veins
Feel every single rock beneath your feet
Feel the cramps and feel the pain

Hear the panting of your breath
Hear your high school team cheer
Hear the girl next to you choke
Hear her holding back her tears

See the grass moist and wet
See the clock and watch it spin
See the girl in front of you
See a race that you will win

Want something more solid
Want to beat your best time
Want to say you won a medal
Want to say that with a chime

Never wish you had run faster
Never say you didn’t do your best
Never try any less hard
Never quit, that’s the test

Cross Country is a way of life
You eat, sleep, and run
I will never forget the memories made
Even when the season is done

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