i feel as though the life i once knew has become

November 11, 2007
i feel as though the life i once knew has become
a stranger
nothing the same
no pain yet no love
just when i finished picking up the bricks of my fallen life
i find myself unable
the most horrifying display
is who i have turned out to be
no love inside me
no feelings of joy or sadness
im just there
waiting for someone to come
i wait and wait
it seems that love has touched all but ones heart
the heart that still bleeds from its constant open wounds
that seems to be unable to contain anything
the heart that was once filled to the brim
with loves potion of madness
the same potion that has turned into a bottle of
poison, killing off anything that comes close
it has changed me
molded me to a new shape
a shell for what used to be my mind
who yearns to break free but is locked in
for fear of the same thing that got it there.
i have become a stranger inside myself.

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