Iron Cross

November 11, 2007
By Alyssa Marschke, Gilroy, CA

Hanging from my iron cross,
I gaze across the sea.
Pondering all there ever was,
And what will come to be.

I close my eyes and feel the wind,
It tells me what it will.
Breathe in deeply, and soak up knowledge,
Until I’ve had my fill.

Stars rise up and twinkle lightly,
As I keep on staring.
Far away a foghorn blows,
And the lighthouse light is blaring.

The silence now is all consuming,
Darkness falls around.
Peace and quiet everywhere,
No one to be found.

Alone at last I smell the sea,
Salt coming with the wind.
The water washing at my feet,
Cleansing what you’ve sinned.

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