Three Times and Youre Dead

November 11, 2007
By Tina Odisho, Glendale, AZ

She can’t live knowing
she witnessed that day.
The bodies lay
hopelessly on the floor.
Their fluid of life
pouring leisurely out of them.
All she hears is the
shrieking from their throbbing.
She’s frightened and now she knows
this is one scene she can’t ever look right through.
The words easily departure from his lips
when he cursed at all the blameless people,
How he blasted bodies one by one,
she still can’t forget all the gooey red liquid
squirting out everywhere.
she still remembers the explosions
All the body parts bursting into the warm night’s air.
As she hid in the corner hearing the
thunderous bolts of the gun,
She noticed her last friend still standing didn’t escape.
How she heard her friend
shouting from the top of her lungs,
so loud that she heard the
screeching sound effects her voice was making.
As he finally disappeared
she scurried out of the corner,
surrounding her were acquaintances she had known.
Without them breathing or in any motion at all
she suspects that they’ve passed on.
Just as the tears falling restless
from her eyes to her cheeks,
then carefully dripping onto the gory ground.
She had to stumble across that guy,
she was determined to eradicate him
and watch him die.
When she finally found him
she shot him three times.
One for her best friend,
Two for her one and only love,
and Three for her revenge.
Now she sits staring out the window
hoping no one finds out,
That the girl who killed him
is the same one writing this out.

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