Queen of Coolness

November 11, 2007
"I just LOATH her"
I say.
Im wasting my prime time
for a girl thats WAY more perfect
than silly old me.
There's only one of me.
The "ME" i wish never existed.
The me that has this

afro-centric `do
that even most expensive product cant fix!
The me that has this

to be "HIP" and "IN-STYLE"
when I can only manage to be just


She doesnt have these problems.

she's too cool and extra hip and her hair is straight and her clothes are tight and this and that and and and and....

The list goes on.

But now, I try to maintain myself.
for now I see.
Its not the external that counts,
its whats inside of YOU!
and how you use those elements
to make life work for YOU!

so, forget her, the "Queen of Coolness"

because now I realize, she better move, there's a new kid in town,
thats ME
and im ready to strike full force!

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