Never Apart

December 30, 2010

If you need to talk,
i'll listen.
If you need to cry,
i'll hold you.
If you feel lost,
i'll help guide you.
If you need to be angry,
i'll let you.
If you're feeling afraid,
i'll comfort you.
If you're feeling attacked,
i'll be your defense.
If you need to lean awhile,
i'll give you a shoulder.
If you're feeling unsure,
i'll be you're confidence.
If you're feeling alone,
i'll be the friend that wont leave you.
If you need to learn to trust again,
i'll prove to you that you can.

He's the one I know I can count on when I just need somebody to talk to,He doesn't mind my boring moments,He doesn't mind that sometimes I say i'll tell him something then end up keeping it to myself because im too afraid to see what he might say after it,He knows when I have good days and bad days,He is the only one who can see into my heart because I let him in. My trust is earned cause its been broken so many times by people who made me think they were trustworthy,but with him its like the moment we talked I knew we were going to be friends for a long while,the way he speaks is like always reminding me that I can trust him and he wont ever break that trust. Every late night conversation has a bit of everything,sadness,happiness,confusing moments of what this is supposed to mean,haha just a bit of everything everynight,ive never met anyone that ive wanted to stay close to forever,to never drift apart and forget.I know that will never happen but sometimes I have my doubts. So for now I just enjoy every minute and hour and day and second I spend talking to this amazing,sweet,undescribable,unforgetable boy I call my dearest bestfriend :)

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