November 11, 2007
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With her brown shiny eyes,
and big floppy ears,
glistening black nose,
that dribbles with dampness.
Fluffy ruff on her neck,
and white fur all over.
She looks as sweet as an angel,
but behaves like a little devil.
She drives us crazy with her little antics,
yet that is what makes her so special.
Every time she makes us mad,
all she has to do is to give us a pleading look with her button eyes,
and all is forgiven.
It is a joy to see her,
wagging her tail furiously,
every time she caught sight of us,
especially after a long day.
Every welcome that she gives is like a gift from God,
to remind us that we are well loved,
and that someone will always be waiting for us.
She will always be in our memory,
even if she passes on one day,
our adorable little dog,

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