If Death Be Her Choice

November 11, 2007
By Jiani Chuah, Kajang, ZZ

As easy as it comes,
As easy as it goes,
The wind that sails silently,

The wind that stops sbruptly,

If Death be her choice.
Walking on a thin line,
Separating the light, the dark,

Between good and evil,

Between Right and Wrong.
Stepping carefully in between,
light footsteps, be it in complete balance.
As silently as it comes, as silently it will go.
If death be her choice,
she has crossed over
and dwelve deep

walking alone,

in the forest of darkness
now her sanctuary
if death be her choice.

Rendering sadness,
waiting for her saviour to come,
The time when
her final breath leaves her weak soul.

If death be her choice,
Let her stand by it,
If death be her choice,
Let her go for it.
If, her choice.

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