The outsider

November 11, 2007
No one knows who I am,
It’s like I’m invisible to them
But they don’t realize,
That I know exactly who they are.

Their secrets come out
They don’t see me listening to them talk.
My secret is known only to me,
No one hears me at all.

Who they are is a lie
Act like one thing and then another.
My lie is that I know exactly who I am.
Whose lie is worse?

Unknown to them,
I voice my opinion.
But instead of listening,
They decide that their opinion is better.

They pretend to be kind,
But all they do is mock.
I try my hardest to be brave,
And not let them see the tears.

Getting to know me
Is just a waste of time for them,
Their life is more important
Everyone should get to know them.

But at the end of the line,
Who is better off?
The outsider with the knowledge of truth
Or the insider with the power.

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