I was raised from...

November 10, 2007
I was raised from the Maple Cabinets that wrapped around the Kitchen,
the Slippers that were right by the Backdoor,the Picture Frames hanging on the Living Room Wall.

I was raised from the plants that ly beside the window ceil, the porch that me and my mom sat on while we watched the rain fill up the Gutters.

I was raised from the shed in out backyard that was full of yard equiptment, the garden that my mom planted in Summer 06', the fence that wrapped around our house.

I was raised from the dog toys that filled our backyard in the fall, the ice-cream shop in my neighborhood, we always said that was the best ice-cream shop in Grand Rapids, Riverside Park, that was just a couple blocks from my house.

I was raised from my Dad's Favorite Recipe, Reinharts' Sea-Food chowder surprise, the Reinharts bakery bread (that my Great Grandfather owned.)

I was raised from the Attic that held my familys most vauable memories...

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