Death in a Relationship

December 11, 2010
By msfabulous219 BRONZE, New Yrok, New York
msfabulous219 BRONZE, New Yrok, New York
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Kiss by kiss tear by tear

A tempted touch caused

by fear

filled with grace always a secret

enough hiding but we must always

keep it

Pain by pain love for love

Feelings for each other that

we were full of

when will we wake up and see

that our love could never be

Well till death do us part

You will always stay inside

my heart

a picture in my head

a song in tune our love

was as beautiful as a flowers bloom

Truth or dare was no game

But consequences that we were

forced to pay

our love was forbidden why oh why

you might find out if you ever tried

Compared to us you are a gift depending on

Who that love is with

passion to passion sun to sun

We soon died but always together

as one

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