It's All in My Mind

December 11, 2007
By Iman Sharabash, Champaign, IL

I'm in a prison cell
Can you hear me? Yeah, can you hear me?
I'm not in society's institutionalized buildings.
I'm not apart of society's laws
Nor did I break them.
I'm in the prison in my mind
Where I'm locked and I can't find
A key.
Cause it don't exist here.
There are no chains,
and no guard at my cell door.
Theres light all around me,
And whats more...
Is I can set myself free
I really don't have anyone here to babysit me…
But me.

Screaming out in a fit of rage...
Wondering how the heck I got this way.
I still can't seem to figure it out,
What it's all about,
Still can't seem to find my place
And the past, present, or future won't erase
It can't erase.

I got no cellmates to be buddies with.
To share stories and pretend a bit.
That everythin's alright, cause I know it's not.
That life was fine.
Now its come to a stop.

And now there is nothing.
Nothing left.

Nah that's not how it is
Wish it was cause life would be bliss compared to this.
See my best friend right here is the black devil.
That's whisperin' in my ear,
Send shivers down my spine,
That's making me cry all the time.
Yeah he's making my eyes open wide.
Not from realization but pride.
He's turning me around.
I cant even remember the times I was innocent at heart.

But he can't erase.
The terminal connection from my mind, to my heart, to my soul...
The nerve pathway that sends shock waves down my spine,
and right back to the line of veins pulsing blood red.
He can't erase the human flesh of me, even though my soul is dead.

The light around me,
Covering every corner of my vision
Isn't a spark of intuition
It's what I've known all along.
The truth is what I keep neglecting and gettin' wrong.

So I turned right, to what I neglected
And the devil came back to me, expectant
Hoping to hurt me once he hasn't done that before.
I cold shouldered all his taunts
instead going straight to the one I want.
Cause I don't need anything or anyone but God.


When I open my eyes, he closes them tight...
when I cry he laughs like everythings alright.
when I look up to the future
He says, "Look down"
And when I try to escape,
He's got me bound.

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