What you did

December 11, 2007
By Ivy Esch, Summerdale, AL

What you did, I don't know why
you hurt me, you made me cry
It hurts me now, it hurt me then
like tons of needles in my skin
why you did it I don't really know
I just think it's so...


Stupid for the way you told me
you loved me so much
I miss your smile, and your touch
maybe you think it's some kind of game
Every time, it's been the same
I think it's so...


Confusing how you still want me
but still I hear about the other three.
Three other girls, I've heard of before
I didn't wonder if it was more,
more than friends, you and her
now I know, and it hurts.
You don't want to be the reason I cry
now you are, I hope you're satisfied.

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