The Basic Instrument

December 11, 2007
It looks so simple
White keys and black keys
But it's so much more
It's major chords and minor chords
Sharps and Flats
Key signatures and Time signatures
Phrases and Slurs
Dynamics and Pedals
Crescendo and Diminuendo
Quarter Note and Half Note
Measures and Bar Lines
Bass Clef and Treble Clef
Harmony and Melody
Octaves and Intervals
Allegro and Staccato
Sonatas and Minuets
Chopin and Bach were pros
Even Elton John and Billy Joel
All the good songs have it
Piano Man and American Pie
Desperado and Rocket Man
Let it Be and Come Sail Away
Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise
It's not as easy as it looks
It's not just white keys and black keys

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