How will I ever know?

December 11, 2007
By victor ramos, Los Angeles, CA

What is love?
Many have defined it:
they call it a feeling toward
someone or something.
But, how do u really know
when you’re in love if you’ve
never felt it, never had a clear
sense of what it is.
Many say it’s like butterflies in
your stomach,
but how do u know what butterflies
feel like, if you’ve never had them there.
Can love be when you see
him or her everywhere you look?
Is it when days are not complete
until you’ve seen them ?
I don’t really know, I think it’s when
the sound of their voice just
brings a smile to your face
and an anxiety when you go to sleep
because you know you’ll see them
the next day. That’s what I think
about this feeling “love”
So many ways people interpret it
but I want to know is
if all this is true.
Am I in love with her?

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