Pure Fear

December 16, 2010
By Benjamin Ginzberg BRONZE, New York, NY, New York
Benjamin Ginzberg BRONZE, New York, NY, New York
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Pure Fear
Your mouth is dry. Much like it is after you have walked in the sun without having water for ten minutes, but this seems different. There is a tang to it, a darkness surrounding it. No matter how much water you pour in, it doesn’t help. A curse you can’t get rid of.

Your blood is pumping, so fast and loud it is like a roaring torrent in your ears. It seems as if you shouldn’t be able to hear anything, but you can. In fact, your hearing is better then usual. Every creak, every breeze, every mouse is heard clearly. But throughout it all, your body tremors, sending shivers into the ground, through your body.

Your heart beats fast in your chest, so fast that you feel it might burst. It must be fast to keep your blood pumping so much, but it doesn’t feel right. It only adds to the chilling of your soul.

Your teeth chatter, sending a bone-chilling sound throughout your brain. You can’t see anything. It is dark. There are walls surrounding you. You feel the need to break through, but you can’t. The need to run is countered by the need to hide. Two animalistic feelings fighting for dominance. There is no thought of fighting. Your whole body is still shivering; even your brain shakes in its foundations. No thought comes to your head. It is all instinct. Run, hide, run, hide, your body screams at you. But you can’t. You’re frozen. And in this moment, you feel it. Pure Fear.

The author's comments:
This is how an emotion feels, the things you experience without knowing it.

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