Unforgivable Prayers

December 11, 2007
The unforgivable prayers are
those unforgettable dares
you're dared to create a sin
your will has been lost within

The prayer ; you made it today
to the man who lost his life back then
he died on the cross for you
those selfish things you do,
it's a slap in the face for those around
for those who preach without a sound

Pray for a miracle , pray for forgiveness
you could pray for your friends if nothing more
Nothing more...nothing less
if anything at all you must confess
let him lift the weight from your shoulders
that made you weak for what felt like your entire life

The one thing you did, forgive yourself, let him inside
let yourself realize, hes on your side
let him make others see
what you did was wrong but we're human
all of us , are human

Let it be known that of all people,YOU
are sorry; you have forgiven yourself
you have surpassed admitting your wrong doing

You are onto the next step
ask the higher power for his acceptance
be true and admit you need help
hes there for you even if you don't think so
whether or not you choose to believe
that's a whole new predicament

Just let him in
let him guide you past unfamiliar ground
don't make a sound, just clasp your hands
close your eyes, bow your head
this is your life, tell him why you kneel aside your bed
whats the problem? whats the answer?
Listen to the words conveyed through the silence

It's all being said, without being said
Kneel aside your bed, think, think
Open your eyes, blink, blink
Those minutes spent in prayer
those valuable seconds, there always there
use them wisely

Seek the answer to your questions
seek forgiveness, he'll listen
Let him
Let him listen

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