My Heart Cries Out

December 27, 2010
By Chi.Amor BRONZE, Austell, Georgia
Chi.Amor BRONZE, Austell, Georgia
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So long have I kept my pains within me
Hoping that one day they would soon disappear,
But the opposite has hence befallen me;
My life is now my biggest fear.
With endless questions, I trudge through each day
Wondering when my sorrows will come to an end,
But whenever they seem to alleviate,
My troubles rise against me again.

In sorrow I live, even in my youth;
How I wish to see compassion.
In turmoil, I dwell day to day
Never to reveal my true passion.
If only I had one to understand
The pain that I go through.
Perhaps I would not be so broken;
Maybe my soul would be shown true.

My heart cries out in pain and anguish;
My heart cries out with tears.
My heart cries out in sorrow
Accumulated over the years.
My hearts sings songs of sadness.
My heart signs songs of pain.
Is it possible for this heart
To truly love in joy again?

They say man is not an island
But so I have become.
For no one goes through what I do,
No, not a single one.
I’m alone in this world that I live in,
Not a friend to call my own.
What sorrow is there found in
Living life in solitude, alone.

I carry on my shoulders
The problems of everyone else
And while their problems are solved
I remain by myself
Distraught without solution
I wonder everyday
God is it really Your will that
I live my life this way?
My heart cries out of doubts and worries
My heart cries out of confusion.
My heart cries out because I wish
My situation was only an illusion.
My heart turns with weakness
For it has been betrayed.
Will my heart one day turn to happiness
The one my infancy portrayed?

I dream of days of peace and joy
Of days of passionate love.
I dream of days that follow the will
Of my Father up above.
I dream of when my heart is healed
No aches, no wounds, no scars.
And when my joy will be so full
It will dance among the stars

I desire to reach that place one day
That place of perfect bliss
And never ever have to think
Or ever return to this.
I would love to come to that place
Where my heart is finally at rest
And I will shine in all my true colors
Where I know I am best

My heart cries out in hopefulness
My heart cries out anticipating
My heart cries out knowing that
My paradise for me is waiting.
My heart is slowly healing now,
Knowing that my kingdom shall gleam.
My heart’s reverie is in paradise,
But could paradise just be a dream?

The author's comments:
I hate to say it, but my poetry flows at its best whenever i am angry or discouraged. I got on my computer about 15 minutes ago and well, I guess you can say the rest is history...

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