The Dance

December 16, 2010
By Bewick BRONZE, Handforth, Kentucky
Bewick BRONZE, Handforth, Kentucky
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Dancing faster, twirling
Intricate footsteps
All conforming to the same old beat
Same old rhythm
Rhythm on the street
Sprialling faster
Out of control
Tango or salsa
To fit into the mold
Judges stand watching
To rate them performing
Smiling or frowning
Living or dying
Show must go on
Regardless going to or coming from
Thus they are
Sleeping by a brothers hand
Ironically ignorant
Force feed a diet to increse the appeal
Dance, dance
Or stand in the shadows
All restricted and bound
Into one large ballroom
Boys, girls
Tall, short
Black, white
They all join the dance
Steping the same steps
To the same beat
Once every thousand years or so
When the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow
A brave soldier will pause by chance
Pause to question
The dancing of the dance
For once their last step has been made
They drop
And dance no more
But the rest continue
All trying to reach some distant shore
Rising and falling like waves on the sea
The brave soldier sighs and returns to the dance
Where he once proclaimed
I choose not to walk
My point exactly
Oh captain, my captain
There exist many waves to ride
If only you know how to sail
But fictions are written
And the dance is not
So the bodies just lie there
And turn into rot
Some say they are going to a happier place
But to no longer be a part of the human race
Does this mean to run
When others all walk
Or is this merely ridiculas talk
For wolves all run
And heed the winds cry
But never pause to question why
So walk conciously
Or run on a wim
Carefree and immune
To evil and sin
Many before have died in belif
But to live in guilt
The terrible truths
That is passion
Any man can take a life
Charge into battle with a sharp edged knife
But to remain
And tend to the wounded
Scars that run deep
And never truly disappear
That is passion
But very few ever chose that path
Because they are all dancing
To the same old beat
Same old rhythm
Rhythm on the street
And the dance rarely dances that way
It usually sticks to the shadows where the black cannot show

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