Benign Maternity

December 11, 2007
By Katherine Graddy, Piggott, AR

mother is glass
one day she is whole
the next, she is shards
merely parts of a whole
hissing, reaching
mother is rock
one day she is solid and withstanding
the next she is eroded, pushed by the sea.
strict and sullen.
jagged edges
mother is clay, molded into perfection
a smile that's all teeth on the outside.
Inside she is melted, decrepit
cobwebs sticking.
mother is liquid
cupping into gentle hands
warmth needed
rivulets rush through the blood
then slip through hesitant fingers.
mother is wind
cool and safe, brushing hair away
from tiny faces
then tearing hard, bringing tears into burning eyes.
mother is human
sometimes smiling through the past
fingers reaching hopelessly
clutching what can never be
hurt consuming heart
she is dizzy with placidity
gentle, but wishing
the past were a dream.

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on Feb. 19 2013 at 9:47 am
You are an amazing writer katherine. I could only dream about having your talent. You tell me you dont know what to write about but this truly shows you do and i know you can do it. I love this piece and i hope to read more from u. Weve been through so much and i love u and cant wait to find out what ur having!!


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