December 11, 2007
By Erin VanBrocklin, Baldwinsville, NY

Deep emptiness hides in the corner of my heart
Your words run through me, piercing me
Yet, I am at ease

I imagine your picture in my hands
Only because it's something that I've never had

A thought locked in my mind
A tear hidden behind my eye

I want to tell you
I can try to move on
It's not that I can't let go,
I just don't want to try

Your soft eyes warm my heart
The way you call my name
Your voice songs a melody that I could never had

You're pushing me away
Following your own way, as I go mine
You're leaving today, lost within time

Thoughts of you run through my me
Cold yet, so happy
I stand here broken
Your eyes sympathize as a silent tear rolls down...

Invisible is what I am in your eyes
You can see right through me
See to the pictures of you

The icy grave where my heart lays

Wind spits your words at me
They scatter across this grave
Broken and not found
Wind spits your words at me
They scatter across this page
These question, only you can answer

So, lay me down, dead and gone
It's not like you can't move on
Pull me close, don't ever let go...
of what you never really had

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