Night and Day of Sand and Water

December 11, 2007
By Emma Walz, Westlake, OH

The beach during the day
Is hot in the sun
Where the children play
Build castles and run

The waves crash upon the shore
With the beat of nature’s drum
Moving sand forever more
The beach is anything but glum

The water sparkles endlessly
As does the diamond sand
The sun shines relentlessly
Upon this blessed land

The seagulls fly above the ground
Floating on the breeze
And all the time they look around
For a place to feed

But as the sun begins to set
And people leave the beach
They stop and turn their eyes are met
With a sunset of dark peach

And now the beach is vacant
The moon is overhead
The night, thick as a blanket
Covers the shore instead

But the magic of this place
Though you think it too be gone
Is really only just a piece
Of the magic of pre-dawn

The heat of the sunny day
Dwindles from the sand
As though the moon works the opposite way
Upon the gritty land

The once loud and forceful waves
Die down into a trickle
And in the moonlight the water bathes
The shore it barely tickles

The seagulls have gone to rest
The creatures of night come out
Their night vision put to the test
But in the dark they have no doubt

The spiders scuttle to and fro
The toads they hop along
Through the sand as white as snow
To the dark’s sweet song

I watch them on their way
With my friends around a fire
I think about the coming day
As the night begins to tire

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