December 11, 2007
By Jennifer Cayemite, Randolph, MA

In the beginning
God created the Heavens,
The Earth,
And Here.

Here is where the soul got rest,
And the body, a vacation.
Its where every breath was a, breath,
And there was an everlasting patience.
It’s where soft sudden winds blow
Sweet melodies in my ears
And lullaby me into perfection,
It was perfect.

As I lay on the ground and warmth met my skin
I looked into the never-ending sky and smiled,
Because Here,
Here is where I want to be.

Here is where the scent of apple pie tickled my nose
Flew down and made me hungry,
But not hungry enough to want it,
Hungry enough to remember,
To remember all the memories kept Here.

You see Here,
Here I remember grandpa smiling,
As he handed me a gift
I remember kickball, red rover and freeze tag,
And Here I can see my mother
Crying happy tears as I opened my first acceptance letter.
I can see it now “it is my pleasure to inform you of you acceptance to the class of 2012”

Here was home.
But home is not a house you see,
It can be,
But home,
Home is where you take it.

It can be the waterfalls of Niagara,
The beaches of Miami,
Or even here

Home is where you make it.
Home is a place just for you.
In the beginning
God created the Heavens,
The Earth,
And Home.

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