Ode to My Dentist

December 26, 2010
By leaffairy BRONZE, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
leaffairy BRONZE, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
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My Dentist is an artist,
the way he shapes the edges
of the broken tooth,
Smoothing them,
preparing to place the filling.

I feel no pain as he files down the chips
of that tooth,
I cannot remember when
or where
it chipped.

It was tooth number
yes, that was it.
I do remember
the hygienist setting
that gauze over my nose
so I would not breath in
bone dust.

As the dentist drilled away
smoothing the tooth.
Then covering
the ruined tooth
with the band new filling.

Then smoothing it to perfection.

I thought joyfully
I can chew again!

The author's comments:
I went to the dentist the other day and they found I had a chipped tooth this is my experience and me expressing my thanks. :)

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