An Elm Tree’s Plight

December 19, 2007
By Dillon Welch, Derry, NH

Mammoth high-rise; poke, prod cobalt dyed skies
neglected bearer: flaking, falling skin,
multicolored leaves prove your life’s chagrin
swift autumn winds sway calloused arms – you sigh.
Rascal chipmunks scratch, scrape at seasoned thighs
abundant stock of seedlings wane, worn thin,
conveying watch of lofty elm tree twin
with frequent theft of acorns, no comply.

“Oh lingering cruel life I’m forced to lead
reiterated years, I’ve lost my leaves
remaining stiff through bitter, frigid nights.
Winter flurries – my harvest will impede.
I’ll dwell on snow-covered grounds while I grieve
perishing night by night beneath moonlight.”

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