After All

December 19, 2007
He left me once,
He left me twice,
He left me three times.

I can’t believe it but
I still have him by my side.

It still makes me smile when
Other people say our names together.

And I know for a fact,
He still has those feelings
And he still feels the same.

It didn’t matter that much,
About those times when
He was far away from me,
When he was half way around the world.

All that really matters is that he’s my boyfriend,
And that our love was always meant to be!

You should know how I get when he touches me,
Just by a simple hug or touch,
He makes my heart skip a beat.

And if u were me,
You would understand how much
I need him in my life,
Because he makes everything for me
So right!

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