When You're Dreaming With a Broken Heart

December 19, 2007
By Kandee Reyes, Cleburne, TX

When you're dreaming with a broken heart,
waking up is the hardest part.
You open you're eyes and you're on your knees
for a second you can hardly breathe.
You wonder what if the dream was reality, if
things were how they used to be? The girl,
he's with is not who he was with in the dream,
that girl used to be me.
I can feel the tears running through my face
I wish it was true that i didn't love you,
everyday i ask myself,Where did i go wrong?
My love for you is not gone yet.
I tried so hard to satisfy you,
to give you what you need.
When im away from you i feel unsure,
i cant breathe when you look at me, I thought we were forever,
I tries to play cool. But it was just to hard
I cant believe my love for you is still
here, You were my everthing my total love.
When im awake at night i cant sleep.
i cant get the picture of you and her out of my head.
I know we werent the best for each other
but was it really that bad?
I know i shouldve learned to trust you.
But now theres nothing i can do.
I have to admit it was my fault
and it wasn't you who broke my heart
Iv'e torn it apart on my own.
Maybe you were right i was pushing
you away little by little everyday.
I'm not going to wish bad things because i brought this on myself.
I hope she values you morethan i did,
she better know what
she has its something i should learn.
I know you say you love her
but i cant help but think i loved you first
Do you remember that day, you hugged me tight
and you said i love you,
I know you love her, and she loves you
but dont ever forget i loved you too.

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