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December 20, 2010
Anela5 BRONZE,
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Rely on the rabbit's foot if you will, but keep in mind, it did'nt work for the rabbit.

a simple thank you

can be taken in many ways
I guess it all depends on how you say it

or how it conveys
conveys your feelings, can they hear it?

though some people are crude
and they lie, saying sarcastic remarks

it’s quite rude, why do they do it?
why do people like the tears?

why make fun of, other people’s fears...?
oh, soon you'll be hated

by all of your peers
your jokes will become outdated

and soon you will be the mockery
you'll be the center of attention

you'll know what its like to be me,
to be him, and her, and everyone!

you will see how it feels
when your feelings destroyed are classified as "fun"

so get an idea, or just ask me...
I think you should be quiet

quiet as can be
because soon you'll feel the pain

the pain of going insane having everyone against you
wanting it all to finally be through!

just know this, while it’s nice to be you
the one who makes fun

the popular one
all these words and sayings will come back so soon...

and then you'll realize
that all these times

you were describing yourself
so pitiful, worthless, a mockery too

but what’s funny is to think of this...
what will all these people say about YOU?

The author's comments:
pretty random, love writing poetry :)

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