One Mounted Fish

December 19, 2007
By Nick Hucke, Pewaukee, WI

They’re the few fish who know me. I’m the only fish that knows them. One mounted fish hanging up on the wall looking gigantic. One who is gone from the sea and doesn’t belong on the wall, but is there anyway. Only one excuse for being there is from being caught by the humans. As I stay hung on the wall I hear them speaking a different language.

The humans look much more powerful then the fish in the sea. They have large muscles and stand taller then any fish. They grab items with their fingers and walk around all day. When talking, they argue with each other and fight with their fists.

When in the sea we to swim like a school of fish heading to class in a hurry. As a stay hung on the wall the humans stare at me and smile, because I’m a trophy fish.

I sit there sad and depressed and the humans look at me with excitement. I dream of swimming in the sea with my family again. It’s over and now I’m just one mounted fish hung up on the wall for display.

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