December 19, 2007
By Samantha Lotz, Pewaukee, WI

“No American boy will fight on foreign soil,”
Roosevelt said.
But five years later, thousands were dead
And the tempers went to boil.

When Nixon said, “I am not a crook,”
What were we to do?
Nothing he said was actually true,
No one described him as stalwort.

Hiroshima was destroyed by a bomb of the atomic sort,
We were told it was to avoid strife.
It only shattered life.
Truman was never punished for his lie; he never went to court.

Not just these three
Had little white lies.
These presidents gave us such a surprise
To which we mightily disagree.

So next time we get to choose,
Let us pick an honest one,
A real homerun.
A president who will not lose.

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