ode to nightmares of him

December 29, 2010
By , xxx, SD
I close my eyes and drift away
seeing flashbacks of yesturday
you and I holding hands by the sea
soaring like birds and stinging like bees
I am now on a stage afraid
trying to find a way to fade
I see your face in the large crowd
you are smiling like you are proud
now I'm flying like a bird flys
high above able to see cries
you look up and see me flying
I look down and you're not crying
I am now falling off a cliff
falling stones, I make myself stiff
you're standing there watching me fall
I hit the ground you watch me crawl
I am now alone on a beach
trying to talk but failing speech
I'm not alone there you just stand
you reach to me with just one hand
my eyes open i take a breath
waking up from fictional death
there you are as proud as can be
seeing me fail just look and see

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