I want to be the sky

December 29, 2010
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Vast, abundant, very high
That’s how I wish to be
Opulent, without a sign of shy
That’s how I dream to be
I want to be the sky.

From one horizon to the other,
Accommodating all, rainbow or thunder
Without the slightest cry
That’s how I long to be
I want to be the sky.

Hosting the winged,
Mechanical or flesh,
Weaving clouds in its mesh
Jeweled at night
Golden at day
Proving oceans hue to be a lie
That’s how I dare to be
I want to be the sky.

Emissions from mortal settlements
And humans making less amends
Yet not a sign of rancour
But a spirit of never-say-die
That’s how I need to be
I want to be the sky

Put all your strength, all your might
Destroy all that’s in your sight
Child of space, guardian of life,
So none can ever destroy the sky
That’s how I wish to be
I want to be the sky.

No ocean like secrets, nothing to hide
Just an unvanquishable truth of its existence
Thin as air yet forest like dense
A collage work of dreams celebrating life
More unbiased than coins and dice
Not enslaved even by time
Eyes dank with tears
But a face so dry
That’s how I will be,
I will be the sky.

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diane1 said...
Jan. 21, 2011 at 11:36 pm
I think that's a lovely poem, brilliant stanza work, particularly LOVED the first and last stanza, again brilliant rhyme work.
bulbul replied...
Jan. 25, 2011 at 10:50 pm
hey! thank you diane...i m glad u liked it :)
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