Dear Mekia

December 18, 2007
Dear Mekia,
it's really hard thinking about you being gone
And I try not to
When I got the news all I could do
Was cry
It's the day before your funeral and
I won't even lie
I'm still trying to deny
The fact that your gone
you didn't do anything wrong
It's killing me because
I can't picture you in a coffin
Don't want to see them lower you into the ground
I can't even imagine your mother's pain
I wish I could take it away
You were just 17
I refuse to talk about you in the past
I know I wasn't your bestfriend
I was just one of your many
And to know you
Is still a pleasure I will never forget
Mekia to all who knew
the brightness of your smile
the dance of your eyes
and the kindness and tenderness of you voice
I will always remember you and
Miss you
I love you babygirl
wait for me at heavens gates
so we can all go in together

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