It's Hope We Need To Find

December 18, 2007
Why are we like this?
What have we become?
Why are we so blind
To the things that we have done?

Hurting, stealing, killing,
I could go on and on.
It’s so hard to find happiness
Seems the good things have all gone.

Yet I know there are some people
Who see things just like me,
And those people that believe in hope
Can really do something.

We need to take some action
And not just sit around.
We need to bring an end to this
And bury hatred ‘neath the ground.

We need to give some joy
To those who have lost all their dreams.
We need to show the world our visions,
Go out and do those things.

Yes, we can change the world,
One action at a time,
But before we make a difference,
It’s hope we need to find.

If we can just get started,
Then I will again believe
In this world and all its people;
The sorrow shall, forever, leave.

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