Free Me

December 18, 2007
She is forgetting now to maneuver her way out of this horrible place. She is so fed up with all these people making her feel so bizarre and out of place. Now she can't do what she dizzier's it's always you do this you do that. Why can't I just be me for once, instead of following all your actions, your hobbies, and your personality? Why, do I have to be exactly like you to fit in? I want to be that girl that laughs a lot, and didn't care about what other people thought. I want to be the one everyone enveys for me the real me. Not the person you tend to make me be. People think I'm the one that is falling apart at the seems but no it's you. I'm big and strong your small and weak, I'm as bright as the sunrise and you're just a minor dot on the horizon line. It's your fault everyone thinks i'm a gargoyle who despises people, But it's you who is so despondent and I'm the innocent person standing here doing nothing. You're the one that has a way with words that are so insulting it's like a big snke rapping it's self around my body strangling me. I just despise your ways, and just want to be me. No, I just want to be free from you.

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