Tell Me

December 18, 2007
Tell me a story,
of an everlasting fight for the princess's heart,
with an epic battle between good and evil,
which ends with an "ever after".
But don't tell me any more.
Winter lasts until spring comes,
a smile lasts 'til it gives way to frowning,
laughter itself dies out quick enough.
But a story doesn't.
It ends when it's still a happily ever after.
Childhood memories soon become foggy,
you stop phoning your parents so often,
your own kids hardly stop by anymore.
An old friend calls you up but you can't quite remember his name.
The kid you once were grew up,
and you begin to miss the childhood you used to have.
So tell me a story,
where the dashing prince and the princess live happily ever after.
At least,
until the words run out.

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