The Worst Kind of Temptation

December 18, 2007
By Ali Cavallaro, Louisville, KY

Everything will be fine; I can do this.
Temptation does not rule me
It doesn’t have to be this way.


Oh God, please forgive me.
I’ve done it again…

I’m back into the state I have come so well to know.
Now that I started I won’t be able to stop.
I’m spinning out of control.
My extremities are no longer in existence and my mind is going a mile a minute
The body that was once mine has been robbed.
I take in my surroundings.

Nothing is right

I foresee a pool of red at my feet.
The walls that were once used for support are now the enemy.
They zone in; attempting to suffocate me
I try to scream
My voice is held captive.
The feeling of betrayal supersedes the panic.

Realization hits

The bloody figure at my feet has a name in it.
I refuse make out what it says
Fate can’t be fought or altered
It’s over.
Now that I know I must carry out the deed
Indifference momentarily kicks in.

A flashback occurs.

I wish the joyous memories to stop.
Never realized there were so many.
I try to run but I can’t. It’s too late
The damage’s been done.
The name in red flashes before my eyes
The name- it was…


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