December 18, 2007
My words exhausted,
the function clings to a crippled form.
Sketched from a coffin,
the fundamentals of conscious ignored.
The cost of albatross,
the essence of my life - the action of being torn.

Days grow longer, as years settle upon my shoulders;
interest whittles out,
apathy brittles in.

Love was to be born,
but only my
hatred has been bred.
Growth I so sworn,
but slowly my
maturing spirals instead.
Promises I assured,
in hope - they believed
but only to fall
by side
of my deceit.

Now essence, entity, existence -
my world, in withdrawal.
The sun, the sky - all but my removal
anchor to a crawl.
As the black shades in
the light fades out,
deceased - I am earthbound.

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