Stuck in the moment of life

December 18, 2007
By Shara Mintz, Suffolk, VA

Today was the day
A very special one,
So what can I say?
I'm lucky.
Been waiting for this day,
For two whole weeks.

Today was the day,
I was so happy.
Turns out the day
Didn’t meant to be,
So it didn’t happen.
Mom canceled,
She was sick.
No visitation.
So now I see.
Everything I hoped for is bygone.

Some say its okay,
I say no way.
The days don’t seem to be hungry,
If they were the weeks would go faster.
Or they could be hungry on the other side of the world.
But not here.

I’m a pup.
An inexperienced young person.
And I am stuck in the moment,
Of life.

Please let me
In today.
That was that special day,
I’m sure there was a reason.

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