Assorted Poems

December 18, 2007
Near The Water

it tastes like dreams
with persuasive erosion
my mind surrenders
to this chemical corrosion
who was the man
who concocted this potion
and who was the genius
who infused it with the ocean

it comes easily
skip the ride
it’s ill- recieved

Power Struggle

Lying truth with out words
nothing uttered is ever useful
we’re going nowhere

Rise and Shine

awake now
the class is in session
the phases are complete
cycling around
their emminence is overwhelming
their arrival is inevitable
over and over

Inner Monologue

[he said she said they all said together
one for her one for him and im left alone to wither
they found each other through being with me
they discovered a bond neither shared with me
together they left me alone, falling apart
she took one half and he the other, of my bloody broken heart
i lie alone like i began]


they tell me that sunday
is gods day in some way,
for some certain reason each sect
seems to slack off on one day,
they blame it on their god,
the leader whom they worship,
but i think that this sabbath day
is some lazy religious bullsh**.
work everyday
or dont do nothing at all.
sunday is just the day after saturday
the one right before monday
just another stitch in time
but really, who am i
just verbing to make it rhyme.
i dont do anything
on ANY day of the week
but i still find it funny that
we justify ourselves just wanting some sleep.

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