I Confess...

December 18, 2007
I confess, I'm a sinner..
But that isn't gunna change.
Heck, if you look close enough..
You'll see -sinner- written in my name.
Yea, this life is tough
so get on and rough it.
This is how they say those words so sweet.
Your prayer ain't got nothin' on me.
Can't complain on all those details..
you know my life a little too well..

Just speak the truth and get on through..
Those velvet red carpets callin' your name.
What a shame, you spilled the lies.
Lies are for liars, you back stabber..
Money grabber..
Choke on them and don't take it back.
Those words ya said..
So Close and yet..

You know so much and pretend to lie.
You force your self to believe it but you know..
Lay down in that pool of blood.
You handed me my death, a certainty that krept.
My voice cracked and shivered.
From delight, you muttered..

Oh but the pain ain't the same.
You took it out.
My blade and razor, please don't touch.
You wanted suicide, it's a nice touch.
But please don't grab what ya can't have.
It isn't yours, your not my keeper, ya hear?

Such rumors rumored
And such false identaties hi.
Break apart the point..Just don't hide.
Breathe in one last time.
Close your eyes..
And confess..

I confess I'm a sinner, but that wont change..
Look close enough, when you pray..
You mention my name.
The devil's got me cornered.
And god's forsaken my back.
Shame on this nonbeliever..
But It's all wack.

Throw me out to the dogs for all the sh** I talked.
But If you look back, sweetie, I held my own down.
I know who I am, Don't force me to show it.
A bottomless pit of void..
Forget emotion.

Forgive me father..
For I have sinned..
I did it Once..
And I promise, I'll do it again..

And Again you say my name in hopes to save me.
My soul is lost, gave it for my love to be.
I'd give him my heart too, but he's already stolen it.
Hope he knows theres not much left..
But what evers there, he should keep..it's no theft.

I promise it to all of him.
The truth and breath burried deep beyond my layers..
The ones I've kept deep with in my years..
Don't look to close..
Pandora's box couldn't quite compare.
This lust and love, could never get enough..
Of him..

I confessed to him, I'm a sinner..
So save me here..
don't bother...
I do not ask for your wounding hand..
Jus look at me and throw me the key..
Lock me away.. for enternaty..

i confess it.
Can't you hear.
A sinner's prayer...
For one last tear..
I will not beg nor plead nor wish..
Just know that I will not forget.

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