55 Fiction

December 18, 2007
Is this Surgery
Needles stick into my skin. Blood oozing from the pores. Not given any anesthesia, the pain doubled. Lying, an hour long, with my arm over my head, I can feel my ribcage shake and rattle. Is my skin tearing right off my body? This is the worst pain; it’s indescribable. Finally, the ink is done.

If I Were
Running through open plains to catch up to the Elk, I crouch down in stealth. Using my expert skills now five feet from the Elk, I pounce and sink my teeth. I am proud of my kill and howl at the moon. No one messes with a wolf because, what an idiotic thing to do.

When in Chicago
Skyscrapers and illuminating scenery attract people for play and riches. There’s never any downtime to sit and relax, because every night there’s people, places to see. It’s the spot where I plan to settle down and meet my better half. Entertaining is an understatement; for to me, my dreams become reality in the Windy City.

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