The Moon and the Sun

December 20, 2010
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The moon and the sun are always competing.
During the day is when the sun is winning.
During the night is when the moon takes charge.
The night is still, the moon is quiet.
It burns brightly pushing every bit of light to view.

At night time seems to halt.

No more cars on the road, no more people in the streets.
The moon hangs like an ornament in the sky.
Its light gently touching the earth.
The sun retreats to the other side of the earth for safety from the moon.
leaving the moon alone, at peace.
Soon it softly speaks with the ocean, calm waves forming in the sea.

The infuriated sun returns and the moon respectively, kindly ends the conversation,
and refuses a fight for another hour of night.
And heads back for the other end of the earth.
to allow the people to sleep.

As I said, the moon and sun are always competing
During the day the sun is winning
during the night the moon takes charge
The night is still, the moon is silent.
At night time seems to halt.

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