Could We Change the World

December 18, 2007
We make the decision to believe, to believe in ourselves, to believe in others, to believe when everything else fails.
Why do we believe?
In the world there are many religions Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Taoism.
No religion is superior or inferior.
We must not judge people by what clothes they were, or by what religion the practice, or by how much money they have.
We are all equal.
We need not to hate.
No human being is superior than another human being.
We all live on the planet.
Why can’t we live in peace?
Why can’t we voice our opinion without being scared?
Why do we live in fear of others?
Why do we have so much violence, hate, and war?
Why is it so hard to live on this planet?
Why can’t we save our planet from global warming?
Why do we still have staving and homeless persons when if we could just give up our time and money to build houses and feed the staving?
Why is it so easy to judge those around us when we don’t even know them?
Why are there so many imperfections in our world?
We are human. No one asks us to be perfect or change the world. No one asks anything more from us than to just be ourselves.
No one, Nothing.
If you could change the world what would you change?

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