Raining Tears

December 18, 2007
By Celeste Roberge, Pittsburgh, PA

The rain’s falling fast
I just want it to all come out
My tears are finally falling
After a long and tiring drought.
I’ve kept my pain stored up inside
Everyone was so happy
And because of this I cried and cried
Why can't I tell them my dreams?
Keeping it in seemed so much easier
So secrets they then became
Everything was wrong,
Why was I so full of shame?
I couldn’t change a thing
The tears that came.
When everyone was gone
When I was all alone
Crying and singing songs
Songs of the days when I was me
The days of my childhood
Filled with glee.
To all of those who knew me
I was the playful girl
To cheer them up when they were down
The one to make them laugh and smile
But who for me? I often asked
I seemed so happy, but all the while
I kept my fears and worries
Locked up tight, deep inside.
Scared of what might happen
So full of my own fright
I’m just too tired of it now,
Why should I have to put up a fight?
For the first time in months,
You see me breakdown and cry,
You see my tears,
No matter how I lie .
You now know the pain that’s deep inside
I let the tears keep falling
As I try to explain,
But finally now,
My tears are falling like the rain.

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