The War

December 18, 2007
It was the winter of 2002
It was snowing non-stop for three days
My friends, my cousins and I were starting something
A snow war
Building snow forts and borders
Making piles of snowballs
The snow blowing hard on us
Then my cousin Julio grunts
They threw a snowball at him
My friends and my cousin are attacking
They throw and keep throwing
Right in our faces
Then they stop
We notice they are very still
They have run out of snowballs
It’s quiet, really quiet
They don’t know we’re right behind them
We built a secret tunnel
My cousin has a shovel full of snow
And my friend and I have two buckets
Full of snowballs
We tap them on the shoulders
They turn around and thump!
That’s all you hear, thumps and howls
They fall to the ground
We look at them
Then at each other
With the shovel, we bury them
With all the snow from their forts and walls
They scream and yell but all you hear is
Soft muffled sounds
Then we unbury them
We won the war we yell out
So we all go home
When I get there
I drink hot chocolate
With my family

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