December 20, 2010
A promise is forever thats what they say,welcome to reality they're broken everyday.
you promised you'd love me,promised you'd stay but now you've left gone so far away.
you said we'd get married,have 20 kids, how naive i was to believe
what you said.
Everyday is a drag,until now..now im okay again.
your memory haunts me everyday,you broke my heart there's not much else to say.
I'm done praying for you,finished crying for you, if you came back right now i'd still love you.
Maybe you weren't my knight in shining armour, you came to harm me.
well,here i am living life today and forever.
All this time i've been crying inside,things will change now, there's no need to run and hide.
why did you leave? Here i was left to grieve.
Your memory haunts me everyday,you left there's not much else to say.

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